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Uzungöl is a touristic town of Trabzon's Çaykara district. The distance to Trabzona is 99 km and 19 km to Caykara. It attracts especially Arab tourists with its dense forests and natural beauty. The formation story of the lake: The lake formed in the middle of the valley when the rocks falling from the slopes block the Haldizen stream, is known as “Uzungöl” and the environment has been given the same name. Uzungöl is located at the junction of Soğanlı and Kaçkar Mountains where our country's rain forests are located. This region is also home to the oldest forests in the temperate zone in the world. It is green in all seasons of the year thanks to its abundant rainfall and relative temperate climate.


In contrast to the hot and humid weather of the summer months; Our highlands have a wide variety of flora and fauna, rich forests, crater lakes, rivers, exuberant streams, landscape images, mountain and nature walks, rafting, canoe and winter sports, hunting and angling, grass skiing, healing waters, local dishes, cultural life of the people. It creates an important potential with such values. Our highlands have beautiful plateau houses that will enchant local and foreign visitors, and are decorated with flowers and plants that love moisture. Streams coming out of the mountains almost go to reach the sea. Such excellent and dazzling nature of green and blue, the beauty of nature that is difficult to explain, recreation, travel, sports facilities have led to the natural development and interest of the highland tourism, which is the tourism type of our city.


Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum, which is one of the best examples of Late Byzantine Churches, has a high-hooped dome. In the building, where enormous workmanship is observed, the effects of the Seljuk Period as well as Christian art can be seen. The building, which was used as a mosque until 1960, was restored by the General Directorate of Foundations in 1964 and turned into a museum. It was reopened to worship of Muslims in 2013.


The mansion was built as a summer residence by Konstantin Kabayanidis on the hills of Soguksu, which ruled Trabzon in the early 19th century. The building, which has the effects of European and Western Renaissance architecture, used large and flamboyant European symbols. When Atatürk honored Trabzon for the first time on September 15-17, 1924, he was hosted in the mansion that serves as the Trabzon Museum today. On September 15, he saw the mansion on his trip to Soguksu district and liked it very much. The mansion was registered by the Trabzon Special Administration in 1930 and 'assigned' to President Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha. A delegation from Trabzon went to Ankara and handed the title and key of the mansion to Atatürk.


Sumela Monastery, built on a steep rock on the skirts of Karadag, which overlooks the Altındere Valley, within the borders of the Altındere Village of the Maçka District of Trabzon, is known by the name "Virgin Mary". The building, which is at a height of 300 meters from the valley, has continued the tradition of establishing monasteries outside the city, in forests, in the cave and on the water.


A small stream flows through the cave, which is also considered to be the second longest cave in the world, and there is a historical fortress on the cave. southwest from the sea, 1050m. It is located in the village town of Çal at height. The cave entrance is located on the headset stream from the 1st km of the stabilized road leading from Çal village to Çayırbağı Town. Form of the Cave Çal Cave is an underground water channel. The entrance of the cave is wide, but the width inside it is constantly changing.


Forum Trabzon is the biggest and most popular shopping center in Trabzon. Forum Trabzon AVM is 5 minutes drive from our hotel. In addition, there is easy access to Forum AVM with minibuses from our hotel.